"In my opinion" - WARNING
RE: Tropicana Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas.
Don't go there. *** Don't stay there.
Don't dine there. *** Don't play there.
You've been warned. Good luck.

Very Stupid Questions
A site with lists of Very Stupid Questions.
New lists are added regularly. This is funny satire. The questions are
sometimes thought provoking, sometimes political and sometimes aggravating, but it is free.

I will add more stupid questions,
when I think of some.

What is the purpose of this site?

Is it to to be entertaining, insulting, thought provoking, aggravating, a money making enterprise,
cheap therapy for me, or do I just have too much time to kill in my sad, lonely life?

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Here are some Very Stupid Questions.

Why are "Final Notices" usually followed by 20 more "Final Notices"
from the same person, agency or company?

Is a no brainer something you actually do because you have no brains or
something you fail to do because you have none? Are all deals on the Interner no brainers?

Do you believe that I can make you 1.2 million dollars cash in less than 30 days,
100% GUARANTEED using my newly discovered secret system?
Do you believe the price for my secret plan was $595.00 but has just been lowered to
$1.99 because I'm such a great guy?

Why do people believe this crap and invest their money in these scams?
Does greedy really have to equal stupid?

Is it correct or even fair for the 99 cent stores to state
that they have never raised prices when multiple items that used to cost 99 cents total
are now priced each to total more, i.e. 2/99 cent items are now 59 cents or more each.
What about all the 99 cent items that are shrinking giving you less for your 99 cents?
Aren't these raised price?

Why is it that when someone does something bad, government and business
leaders make new rules that wouldn't have prevented it in the first place,
i.e. a man brings a bomb on a plane and tries to detonate it so now you can't use the
restroom for the last hour of the flight?
If you really have to go, do they think rules will stop you?
Doesn't it just become a matter of where?

Why are there seeds in seedless watermelons?

Why are there now more overweight (fat) people
in the world than starving people?

Why is there an expiration date on sour cream?
Isn't it sour already?

If psychics can really see the future, why don't
they all come to Vegas and get rich?

How many hours a year do we lose trying to get
an actual live human being on the phone
when we have a problem that the
computer/answering system canít resolve.

Why is milk a necessary ingredient to make instant potatoes?
Is milk removed when potatoes are dehydrated?
How does one milk a potato?

Should a person with a beard wash it with soap or use shampoo?
Should someone invent beard shampoo? Is this the next billion dollar idea?

If vampires don't breath, how do they talk?

If the laws of attraction really work,
why do most of the gamblers who play in Vegas lose?
They all really do think they're going to win, don't they?

When people say that the world is getting smaller,
do they mean the cans, boxes and other containers
of things we buy are getting smaller
while the price remains the same (or sometimes even increase)?
Who wants to buy 2.4 servings of something anyway?

When a grocery store has a section for
"Natural Foods," does that mean that the rest of
the food items in that store are unnatural?

If some foods are organic,
are the rest of the foods inorganic?
If so, will chewing them hurt your teeth?

Why is it OK to sell your blood or sperm,
but illegal to sell a kidney or part of your liver
which could save someones life?

Why are there so many "R" rated movies
without nudity? If a movie is already rated "R" due to violence,
drug use, language, etc., what does the producer or director think
he will lose by showing a little skin?

Today is May 21, 2011 and the world is
supposed to end today according to the EBible Fellowship and other idiot groups.
So what will happen to these groups when the world doesn't end?

Hey, did the world end? Hello? Can anybody hear me? Where is everyone?

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